If you are a lover of toasted bakeries and are very detailed and particular on how you want to make your toast, then you need to be conscious about certain important stuff about long slot toasters that will help you buy a toaster that is not only an elegant looking gadget, but also one that will help you to toast your bread precisely the way you want it. Therefore in order to equip you with the requisite details before you make your final decision, the next part of our article will speak about some of those things.

  1. The Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster Long Slot

This strong and modern toaster is going to transcend the standards you might have of a regular toaster. This toaster is filled with smart technology that makes it fun, smooth, and easier to toast than you could ever have thought.

The toaster has two slots that are long enough to accommodate long bread slices and has different settings to allow you to have total control of how you want your toast to be. To raise and decrease the browning degree, there is a controller that you can slide over.

This is an important feature as different types of bread need a different amount of time and heat for toasting, for example, a rye bread would need browning for a longer time, while due to its high sugar content, a sweet bread such as raisin bread would need much less time. Another great bonus of this control is that it comes with an LED indicator that tells you to what stage you have set the browning at.

The toaster would immediately continue to lower the bread slices on its own with a click on the start button, without creating any irritating noise. There is also a button that enables the toasting of bagels, which is a setting that has been particularly optimised to render perfectly toasted bagels without burning or toasting them. There is a button designated as A little more” which is a button to add to an already running loop a little more toasting time. There is another special button that is intended to defrost some bread before toasting it.

There is a tray at the bottom of this toaster containing the crumb and keeping the counter clear of mess, which can be quickly removed for washing, so that anytime you want to clean the machine there is no trouble involved. The toaster also has a housing for conveniently holding the electric cable, which decreases the occurrence of any injuries substantially. Depending on your tastes, the toaster also helps you to select the frequency of the alarm beep to be high, medium or low.

  1. Long Cool Contact Toaster ECT-4829 Elite Cuisine

This toaster comes with a stylish white body and has two slots to match every long and wide slice of bread. In one slot, you can also accommodate two standard bread slices, which allows you space to simultaneously toast four slices of regular bread.

The toaster also has a dial that helps you to pick the brown colour that you want your toast to be, so you can get your toast whichever way you choose, whether it’s really pale brown or highly toasted. There are four switches that can help you defrost the cycle, reheat it or cancel it.

There is a tray at the bottom of the toaster that can catch the breadcrumbs, and it can be quickly removed to be drained until it becomes finished, allowing a breeze for washing up.

  1. Hamilton Beach 4-Keep Warm Toaster Slice Long Slot (24810)

This Hamilton beach toaster offers you multiple choices to configure your daily toasting routine any way you wish. There are two super-long and extra wide toasting slots in the toaster, which can match any bread slice shape and style. The toaster’s two slots are wide enough to accommodate two regular-size slices in one slot.

The toaster comes with a dial that helps you to pick how long you want to toast the bread, simply by spinning the dial. The toaster has buttons for multiple tasks that are named. One button is for toasting a bread that has already been frozen, and the other button is for 3 additional minutes to keep the toasted bread warm.

Another press raises the bread higher, so you can quickly pick it up. For toasting bagels to the ideal standard, there is also another button. Another attribute of the toaster that we particularly enjoy is that the walls are made of stainless steel and this makes the toaster surface cold even though it is turned on so that it can be used comfortably without the possibility of yourself getting burnt or scalded. There is a locking space at the base of the toaster where you can keep the plug wire securely hidden inside so that it does not dangle outside. For quick washing, the crumb tray under the toaster may also slide out.

  1. Hamilton Beach 22703 Toastation Toaster Oven Ensemble

When deciding to purchase a kitchen appliance for toasting purposes, a common question that many people encounter is whether to buy a toaster or a toaster oven. If you have this mind-boggling question as one of the many people left, then this is the final answer to your query.

This toaster from Hamilton Beach is a two-in-one toaster with a toaster oven, which basically gets all the toasting work finished and takes less room on your kitchen counter. With a sleek size and an elegant red hue, the toaster has a lovely design.

There is space in the toaster oven that is big enough to accommodate two 16-inch pizza slices at a time, and there is a separate toaster slot on the top that is 1.5 inches deep and long enough to hold two bagels at a time. There are two dials on one side of the unit to regulate the temperature and the time, and there is also a control to determine whether you want to use it as a toaster or an oven. There is a crumb tray at the bottom of the unit that will keep the crumbs coming off the bread, and this can be quickly withdrawn for washing.

Another helpful function of the part of the oven is that it comes with a baking tray, and when you open the oven door, it comes out of its own so that you don’t have to bring your hands into the hot oven to position the bread inside. The whole system is very successful in doing its job, aside from these extremely useful features. Toasting is 24 percent quicker, reheating is 28 percent faster, and just 73 percent less electricity is consumed when it is being used.

  1. KitchenAid KMT4116CU Long Slot Toaster 4 Slice

If you are looking for a sleek and clever long slot toaster, KitchenAid, a well-known kitchen appliances brand, do not skip this one. The toaster comes with a contemporary style with minimalistic settings and controls that are correctly sized.

There is a knob on the front surface that can be converted from reheating to black, with 6 other browning degrees in between. The keys that can be turned on for bagel toasting, defrosting, and holding the toasted bread warm for a longer period of time are at the bottom of this dial.

There is a lever on one side of the toaster that can be used to drop the bread into the toaster and also to lift the bread until it is finished, so you don’t have to fiddle with your hands or force the bread down into the toaster. The toaster has long slots that can match various bread sizes, allowing you the choice of what kind of bread you want to have. The toaster also has a reversible crumb tray and for your convenience, a cord storage area.

  1. Oster Long Slot 4-Toaster Slice

This long slot toaster features a traditional, vintage look combined with easy-to-control useful functions. Many of the features and configurations are on one side of the toaster, making it easy to view and use.

Using the lever, you can lower or lift the bread in and out of the toaster, and control the toast’s darkness using a dial of six different degrees. The toaster also features one-push toast, bagel, warm, and defrost buttons. While the style of the toaster is retro, it is fitted with advanced toasting technology that ensures that both sides and edges of the toast are consistent.

When you’ve finished making the ideal breakfast toasts, you should easily pull out the crumb tray and wash it in the dishwasher.

  1. Russell Hobbs Long Toaster 2-Slice Glass Accent

If you are looking to go premium and are shopping for a long slot toaster that matches your modern kitchen, then this Russell Hobbs toaster should certainly be on your favourite list.

This toaster’s style achieves an impressive degree of harmony between traditional and futuristic, maintaining a sophisticated appearance while being too high-tech, which is so uncommon in today’s demand for home appliances. The toaster provides you with a long and wide slot that is large enough to allow several different kinds of bread to be toasted.

Although the toasting area is spacious, it has a lean, narrow shape that contributes to the body’s charm and takes up less room on the kitchen counter. Without interrupting the loop, the lever on the side of the toaster allows you to lift the bread to check how brown it has been toasted, which will also help you drop the bread smoothly into the toaster. There are distinct buttons on the lower front of the toaster for all the features you will like for a well finished toast.

All of us love to have toasted bagels at all times of the day but in contrast to bread, toasting bagels needs different heating criteria. This toaster takes the toasting of bagels seriously and only the cut side of the bagel and the heated bottom side of the bagels can toast the bagel toast bell, making sure you have the right golden brown bagel and not a burnt one. A warming wire rack that can be fitted on top of the toaster for warming rolls, pastries, croissants, etc. is another special aspect of this toaster that we are completely in love with.

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