Wood decks can take a real beating over time. The combination of heavy foot traffic, the impact of years of inclement weather and consistent heat and UV light from the sun overhead can have a devastating effect on the surface of any species of wood. Since there are so many things that can dull the beauty of your wood, it’s important to clean and treat the deck to help preserve the look and feel of your outdoor living space.

In order to do the best job possible, you’ll want to use a pressure washer. Cleaning your deck can be a real challenge, especially if you have neglected doing so for a couple years.

So, let’s help you reverse any damage that might have been done from all of those environmental impacts surrounding your home. Just follow these tips courtesy of your friends at Renew Crew Power Washing.

Cleaning the Deck

You must first clear away any debris and items that might be strewn about the deck surface. Leaves, branches, sticks, and the like should all be removed. Take away your furnishings as well. You want a completely empty deck, free of any obstructions to getting the job done right.

When you’ve got an empty deck, now you’re ready to break out the pressure washer. Depending on the condition of the wood and how much caked-on grime and build-up that have settled, you will need to consider the following:


The deck is going to need a renewed surface. Identify any areas that are particularly rough and sand them down for a smoother look and feel. A good sandpaper for this work is an 80-grit option.


Depending on how much dirt and grime has accumulated over time you may want to pre-soak the deck ahead of performing the main task. Select a low-pressure nozzle to wet down the deck surface as a way to loosen that hardened dirt and gunk that has built up.

Once the pre-soak has been done, you’ll find it much simpler to clear away all the gunk with a higher-pressure nozzle.

Temperature Setting

Hotter water is often a lot more effective at cleaning than cold water. Higher temperatures also allow you to use less cleaning solution.

Treating the Deck

Now that you’ve cleaned the deck, it’s time to treat it for increased resistance to the many impacts that can dull its appearance. You will need to get a good deck stain that can stand up to the elements and consistent use.

Applying the Stain

Perhaps the best tip we can offer is to go slow. This is not a job you want to rush. A roller is probably a better tool than a brush for getting an even coat across the entire surface.

One Section at A Time

Don’t expect to treat the entire deck all at once. Take it segment by segment until you’ve made it from one end of the deck to the other. After you’re done, give it 24 hours before you place your furnishings back on the deck surface.

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