When it comes to finding the right kitchen cabinets for your home, quality matters. Whether you’re buying pre-fabricated or going with custom cabinets in Richmond VA you want something that’s going to last, a cabinet you can rely on to look great and maintain its functionality for as long as you own it.

But what are the signs of a high-quality cabinet? How do you know you’re buying something that’s going to meet your standards and give you the best value for your money? There are five characteristics that every homeowner should seek out when shopping for high quality kitchen cabinets.

1. The Cabinet Box

If you skimp here, your cabinets will never live up to your expectations. So how do you know if your boxes are high quality? It starts with knowing what kind of materials have been used in their construction. The best, of course, is plywood. It has been proven to remain resilient and strong against the type of wear and tear that common kitchen cabinets are exposed to on a daily basis. It’s also the best material to stand up to moisture and humidity. If the cabinet you are planning to purchase has been made from MDF or particleboard, you’re not going to get that same durability.

2. Construction

The construction of the doors and the drawers should feel sturdy and fortified against the abuse that you are going to dole out over time. Kitchen cabinets receive a lot of use throughout the day, what with all the meals being made, the storage of cooking and plating utensils and materials, not to mention the food that gets placed and removed and replaced into your pantry. The number of individuals living in the home should also be considered, the more people using the cabinets, the sturdier and better constructed you’ll want them to be.

3. The Drawers

The drawer is just as essential as the cabinet box and should be able to withstand the same level of abuse. Drawers should be able to stand up to frequent opening and closing and the weight of all the utensils and items you plan on storing within. When you are shopping around, ask about dovetail drawers as these are the highest quality options out there. This describes a form of construction that can hold up for a lot longer than others.  Consider the glides as well and how far out they can extend.

4. The Doors

This includes the style of door and the hinges used for functionality. You want a full overlay option as it provides a clean and seamless aesthetic where the frame of the cabinet is almost entirely concealed. As for the hinges, stainless steel is always preferable over other materials and you should seek out soft-close functionality which allows the door to shut slowly instead of slamming shut each time you use it. This will reduce the level of wear the cabinet experiences.

5. The Finish

Finally, don’t neglect doing your homework as to the finishing process of the cabinet. You do not want something that’s going to start to chip and peel after a short period of time. But every manufacturer has a different approach to their process, read up on the specifications of the cabinet you plan to buy beforehand, so you’re not sorry later.

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