You must remove all dirt and debris from your shoes before you enter the house. This is why you will need an indoor-outdoor walkway or entrance mat that can be used for this purpose. There are special floor mats available on the market for this purpose, and they are called entrance mats. To protect indoor spaces from dirt, grit and salt, entrance mats can be installed at outdoor-indoor entryways. Entrance mats are made from special materials that enhance functionality. They come in many sizes, shapes, and designs. Four main types of mats can be used for office or outdoor entrances.

Carpet Entrance Mats

Carpet mats are carpet-like materials made from rugs/carpet-like material, as their name implies. They have a slip-resistant surface to provide traction and are durable. Seamed models are available in many sizes and shapes. Carpet mats trap dirt, moisture, and winter salt to protect interior floors. Carpet mats come in many styles and colors, depending on their aesthetic and functional properties.

The most durable models are made for outdoor installations, heavy-duty scraping and high traffic areas. Carpet mats often have a raised edge to trap dirt and moisture. This is to keep water from escaping the mat onto the surface. Carpet mats can be made from beautiful materials or have exquisite designs on the surface to increase their aesthetic appeal. Vinyl backing can be added to some models to increase their surface durability and prevent porosity. You can also find eco-friendly models made with recycled fiber/materials.

Rubber Entry Mats

These outdoor-indoor entrance mats made from rubber are tough and can be used in places that are too difficult or dirty to install carpet mats. Rubber entrance mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in both commercial and industrial settings. There are many surface patterns available, depending on the intended use. Some have rougher surfaces that allow for more scraping action while others have slip-resistant surfaces that increase traction. To maximize functionality, some industrial rubber mats are coated with grit and have anti-fatigue features. Rubber mats can be made from recycled rubber materials such as tires to guarantee environmental sustainability. WaterHog Drainable Border Outdoor Mats is a good option for rubber entry mats that can help to reduce dirt at entrance.

Vinyl Loop (Spaghetti) Mats

Vinyl loop mats are the most durable entrance mats. They are chemical-resistant. Vinyl loop mats are also known as spaghetti mats. They are made of a strong plastic polymer, which is resistant to many chemicals. These mats are ideal for industrial and laboratory settings. The mats are made of a durable vinyl mesh, which traps dirt and moisture for effective scraping. Vinyl loop mats can be used in locker rooms, swimming pools, and spas as a hollow mesh with no backing. These mats are available in a variety of attractive designs, colors, and styles to create a stylish layout.

Wall to Wall Entry Mating Systems

Wall-to-wall entrance matting systems can be used in high-traffic areas and large commercial installations. Wall-to-wall entry mats reduce dirt, snow, and moisture transfer from the outdoors to indoors. They also prevent damage to floors in large indoor-outdoor areas. These matting systems can be costly to implement, but they are versatile, flexible, and extremely functional. These high-performance entry mats are eco-friendly because they are often made from recycled materials.

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