When it comes to selecting carpet, can you really tell the difference between the one made of the best materials that’s built to last and the one of inferior quality that stains easily and will wear out much sooner than expected?

Chances are you can’t. That’s because, at first glance, most homeowners mistakenly believe that carpeting is carpeting. Nothing more, nothing less. One’s as good as the other, as long as you’re not expected to pay a lot for the product.

Unfortunately, that’s where too many consumers make their biggest mistake. No one wants to pay a lot for the things they want, but cutting corners in order to cut costs can end up leaving you with a low-quality product. Cheap carpet looks cheap and performs worse. It’s the same thing when you’re searching for Perth area carpet cleaners, hiring the wrong carpet cleaner just to save a few bucks can leave you with a carpet in worse shape than before.

But when you’re seeking out a carpet to install and clean, you need to know good from bad. Durability and quality matter when you’re paying for a floor covering that you want in your home. It’s important to know how to distinguish between a carpet worth buying and a carpet worth avoiding. The way to do that is by considering a wide variety of factors, each one playing a major role in your decision.

Carpeting can get very expensive, both to buy and have put in your home. This is something you want to do once and live with your choice for years to come. That’s why it’s so critical to have the ability to judge your carpet for durability and quality and do so with confidence.

Before you go carpet shopping think about these essential facets and take these helpful hints to heart as you make your choice. It’s one thing to like or dislike the look of a carpet, it’s another to realize whether or not the carpet you do like is going to give you the performance and reliability you’re paying for when you make your purchase.

The Style of Carpet

Believe it or not, one of the prevailing factors that goes into determining the longevity of your carpet is the style you select. We’re talking about things like the loop of the fibers, the pile of the carpeting, with nicknames like Saxony and Frieze.

The specific unique qualities inherent to the style of carpet you select are going to do more than just beautify your home and give it a more comfortable and familiar feel. These qualities can also contribute to the overall performance of the carpet for as long as you have it installed. But the style is just one factor that must be explored as it can have an impact on the other factors that are also just as important when judging your carpet to be a durable and high-quality product.

The Density of Your Carpet

This isn’t something most consumers consider when they’re choosing a carpet. That’s probably due to their lack of familiarity with this aspect of their carpet. But density is a thing, an important thing, and one you need to take into account in order to tell just how reliable your carpet will be when put in.

So why is density so important? It’s because carpet density pinpoints the spacing of the fibers of the carpet in the way they’ve been stitched to its backing. A carpet with a higher density will bre more durable and resistant to the perils of foot traffic and other impacts that could eventually wear the carpet down over time. A lesser density means the carpet is more delicate and prone to possible damage.

But how does this relate to carpet type? The answer is simple, density is largely unaffected by carpet type. You can have to Saxony carpets side by side and one may have a higher density rating than the other. So if you purchase a certain type of carpet you aren’t always getting the most durable carpet available as many carpets can have various density ratings.

The Carpet Warranty

Here’s an easy indicator that you’re buying a carpet of real worth and value versus a low-quality floor covering that’s bound to give out sooner than later. A carpeting manufacturer that stands behind the durability and quality of its product is more than willing to offer the consumer a warranty to protect against defects or other hazards that are covered.

The more potential perils for defect or damage that are included in a warranty, the more confident that manufacturer is proven to be about the longevity of their product. But you need to care for the carpet under the requirements of the warranty or you may end up voiding it altogether.


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