Creating the perfect planter this Spring and Summer has never been easier. We’ve got the perfect tips for you to bring a bit of life and colour to your garden. You don’t even have to have a big garden or large outdoor space to feel the benefit of a beautiful planter this summer, these tips are perfect for people in apartments, flats and houses. Knowing where to shop is the best place to start. Two Wests provide a fantastic range of products available to create the perfect planter, so let’s get started.

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Gardening, or creating a beautiful flower display is a great way to show off your own creativity. Begin by selecting a variation of plant pots, perhaps you could consider different colours and sizes and to create a contrasting display, alternatively if you’re a more uniformed individual, you can consider a large planter with matching plants or a selection of plant pots that all complement each other.

Choosing the right soil for your plant is important. You need to firstly consider the need of your plants, so choosing the plants you want first is important before purchasing the soil. Consider the moisture your plants need, alongside the possibility of how often your plant will need to have fresh soil and which nutrients will benefit the plants the most.

This may seem silly, but not everybody knows how to perfectly place and plant. You want to dig a hole deep enough so that the top of the soil around the plant and the top of the compost in the planter / plant pot is level, you can then top up the soil around the edges if needs be and begin to pat the soil together to secure the plants in place.

Flower arrangements are suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, so assess the space and have a play around with what display is most suitable. Larger plants are best for open areas to brighten darker corners and create definition in flat garden spaces. Think of your potted plants as sculptures and pieces of art, arrangement is key to the entire display looking beautifully finished. The potted plants must match and complement each other in colours to get the best effect. If your interior is lacking in colour, the greenery will add the perfect pop you need for the right balance of colour in your home. Alternatively, if you’re looking to create some colour in your garden, balcony or front porch then selecting a clean, bright colour is a lovely way to add some definition and texture.

Top tip: Colours such as white and green are a perfect, fresh combination of colours if you’re into a more neutral tone across your interior and exterior.

Thinking small for smaller spaces is a great way to build on the space you have. For example, consider filling a planter or raised bed with smaller plants to create a natural flow of fresh plants that can bloom into beautiful cluster, as seen below on Two Wests.

Image Credit: Two Wests

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