In the modern food industry, being able to display your frozen products is an important part of running a successful business. Attractive presentation is the first step in engaging customer interest. The best way to do this may be a freezer with a glass door. These come in several styles, and with a range of features.

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Counter top display freezers

These are the freezers you typically see near the checkouts of a shop or supermarket. This placement makes sure the maximum number of customers will see the freezer’s contents and be more likely to buy. They therefore serve to increase sales.

Glass door and chest freezers

These freezers fill out the frozen food section of the shop and tend to have a large capacity. They are designed to store bags and boxes of frozen goods. Each separate compartment can be used to stock a different foodstuff.

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Ice cream display freezers

The popularity of ice creams means it is worth investing in a separate ice cream freezer. Separate trays allow the maximum number of flavours to be stocked and temperature control keeps the ice cream at its ideal coolness for long term storage. Different sizes are available for different spaces.

To search through the large range of display freezers available, you can visit sites such as Specialist retailers can show you just how many types of display freezer are available.

Common features

Self-closing doors

Energy efficiency is maximised in freezers with self-closing doors. This can save money as well as reduce environmental damage. Self-closing doors also prevent food being damaged when a door is accidentally left open and the temperature drops.

Door gaskets

Most freezers use the same style of gasket to help seal their doors. They are magnetic and snap into place.

External digital thermometer

It is easy to monitor the temperature inside a freezer with an external thermometer. This reduces the need to open the door and waste both coldness and energy.

Temperature control

Different products may have a different ideal temperature. This can be controlled with a few simple buttons. This can also help energy efficiency.


Most freezers use the same refrigerant. This allows the appliance to remain environmentally friendly.


Build-up of ice inside the freezer can make it less efficient and damage the food. An auto-defrost feature helps reduce the likelihood of this occurring.


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