During the winter, it’s normal for your outdoor area to get a bit out of control. When it’s cold outside, nobody wants to spend more time outdoors than they absolutely have to. However, if you have pets, chances are you’re in for a rude awakening when spring rolls around. If you’ve been slacking off on walks and haven’t had a chance to clean your yard since before the first snowfall, you’re going to need a pooper scooper service to get things back to normal. Don’t let spring arrive without taking heed of these tips for a better, cleaner yard.

Keep an Eye on Pets

The best way to make sure your yard isn’t overrun by pet waste is to keep a close eye on your pets while they’re playing. While this isn’t always possible, keeping yard time to scheduled hours can be a huge help if you’re trying to get your dog to view your yard as a play place rather than a dumping ground. Keep to scheduled walking times so that your pet knows the difference between bathroom time and outdoor time. If you let your pet do his business all over your yard, you won’t just have a hard time cleaning up after him. This will also make it harder to break him of the habit later one.

Do a Weekly Maintenance Clean

If you want to keep your yard in great shape, the key is to not let it get totally overrun. This doesn’t just apply to pet waste. Taking the time at the end of each week to straighten things up, water any plants you have, and mow the lawn can contribute to a healthier outdoor area without becoming an annoying daily chore. You can also take this time to make sure any stray droppings haven’t escaped clean-up. Try to stick to a schedule so that you never have to miss a week and let your yard get totally out of control, especially in the winter.

Don’t Slack on Walks

Taking your dog for regular walks is important. It’s not only helpful for keeping things hygienic in your yard. Walking is a true bonding experience between owner and pet. It also allows your dog to understand what’s expected of him. If he looks forward to his scheduled walks, he’ll be more likely to use that time to relieve himself rather than taking it out on your yard. Dogs enjoy having some kind of structure in their lives, and by making sure you go out for at least a few walks a day, you’ll be setting up the proper expectations for your furry friend.

Use a Cleaning Service

No matter how dedicated you are to keeping your yard clean, messes happen. If you feel totally overwhelmed or simply don’t want to deal with it, calling in a cleaning service to deal with pet waste and other unhealthy issues in your yard can help relieve the stress of having to maintain your own backyard when you don’t have the time.


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