Winters in the UK can be very cold and the freezing temperatures can be pretty unpleasant. No one likes wearing two jumpers, a coat and a pair of gloves when they are at home, but thankfully this situation is totally avoidable.

There are lots of tips and tricks that you can follow to make sure that your house is nice and warm this winter. From blocking draughts to dressing your windows, here are five tips to help you stay warm when the temperature drops.

Block draughts

Block any cold draughts coming into the house with cushions and blankets. This is especially important at the front door and back door, as they are most likely to fill the room with cold air.

Warm your windows up

Windows can let a lot of cold air in, especially if they are not triple glazed. Thankfully, you can reduce the cold air that comes through by replacing your curtains with heavy wool curtains that keep the cold air out. This is a great way to keep heat inside the home at night-time, but make sure they are open during the daytime so that the sun can provide free heat.

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Use a fan

Warm air rises, which can mean that the ceiling is warm and the rest of the room is pretty cold. Stop this happening by putting a ceiling fan on the lowest setting to push warm air back down into the room; alternatively, if you don’t have a ceiling fan, put a normal fan on top of the cupboard or wardrobe.

Cover the pipes

Freezing weather can cause your pipes to crack and burst, which can result in no hot water. It could even cause a flood, which can result in thousands of pounds of water damage. Thankfully, you can avoid this by covering your pipes with insulation to keep them warm.

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Be smart with blankets

When you are sleeping at night, you can layer your blankets for optimal warmth. Put the fluffy blankets next to your skin, placing the thinner, denser blankets on top. This will help to prevent overall convective heat loss, ensuring that you stay warm all night.

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