Most people work hard to maintain the interior of their homes to create the most comfortable living environment and preserve overall value. But many never budget for the cost or effort involved in sustaining or upgrading the exterior of the property. The outside of a home creates the first impression, so it is important that it be as attractive as possible. Since grounds vary in size, grade, and design, each exterior requires different services. Though you might want to perform your own maintenance, it makes sense that a professional can more efficiently complete the work.

Professional Landscapers

Landscaping is defined as any activity that is necessary to care for and manage anything that is “green” outside of your home. These activities include those that are necessary on a regular or seasonalbasis like grass cutting, pruning, planting, seeding and fertilizing, lawn aeration, leaf removal, and general clean up. There are also several more advanced landscaping services that may or may not be necessary. You may hire a landscaper to create a patio, stone garden or retaining wall, regrade your property for more effective water management, remove trees or tree stumps, or redesign your landscape.

Choosing a Landscaper

Whatever the project or jobs that you need completed, it is important that you find a landscaper who is competent and reliable. There are a variety of online services that allow you to search for contractors in your area and that contain customer reviews that you can read. Once you decide on a few companies to interview, there are several questions to ask before hiring. First you need to be sure that the company has experience performing the services that you seek. If you are considering a major project or some custom design, you may want to visit a property where this service has already been completed so you can see the finished product. Next you want to make sure that the company has the proper licenses and insurance to cover any accidents or mishaps that may occur on your property. You need to discuss a timeframe for the work and how the company will clean up once the project is completed. Finally, you need to get a written contract with all the work details and any guarantee that is offered.

Costs of Landscaping

A recent cost estimation survey reports that annual landscaping can cost anywhere between $500 to $40000. Obviously, your total will depend on the size of your property and the scope and number of projects that you have completed but annual service should cost between $1000 and $2000. One way to reduce costs is to be sure to get exactly what you pay for and get a written contract with specifications of all work to be performed. Be sure to find companies that offer free estimates and compare a few different companies before making a choice. When your landscaping is done correctly, your home will be one of the most eye-catching in your neighborhood.

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