If you want to understand, the origin of wallpapers get your history books ready because it dates to the Qin dynasty. Yes! That long ago! It morphed from rice paper hangings to smoother fibres that made printing on paper a lot easier. Today, wallpapers are not hanging up to hide an old wall, and they are used as art and beauty. While painting walls is slowly becoming a thing of ageing, every designer must choose quality and trend over plain and simple. When you need to buy quality, and overall cost-friendly wallpapers, consider the ferm living wallpaper.

For something so sophisticated, the process of hanging it is so easy. All you have to do is use the wallpaper paste to place it on the desired wall. However, the process demands utmost attention and care. Different divisions will request different texture design and vibe.

When it comes to decorating your home, here are some things to consider before putting up wallpaper.

Type of Room.

Different rooms of your home will beg for different wallpapers. For example, when buying a kitchen wallpaper, consider one that can be washed or wiped. Please stay away from fabric as it retains smell. The living area will need fabric, especially one that radiates and has a warm feel to it. However, you must consider wallpaper that will retain water when considering the bathroom. The children’s room will need something playful and catchy.

The print in question.

When you want to make space seem longer, consider horizontal stripes for wallpaper. A large print with a dark background will make your area seem relatively small and intimate. A smaller patterned print has the illusion of making a room appear larger. Colourful images make a room appear warm and welcoming, and it is ideal for a children’s room. Duller colours invite a set of eyes to gaze at the beauty of the other external things.

Cost of The Wall Paper.

Do not break your bank trying to acquire expensive wallpaper, especially because wallpapers are prone to wear or tear. Go for something affordable while not compromising on the quality. Go for something durable, beautiful and cost-friendly.

The size of your wall

Do not undermine this, and it is imperative when buying colourful and dramatic prints. There are such things as too much drama. If your wall is too big, consider toning down a notch with the pattern. Also, feel the shape of your wall because it will matter when cutting and shaping the wallpaper.


Before rushing to buy wallpapers, consider the room- the amount of time spent there and the activity done in the room. Although you can easily pull down your wallpaper when bored or dissatisfied, consider buying something that will serve you and describe you.

Measure all your walls before going off to buy. It will ensure that you accept the right amount of wallpaper without wasting it. Also, enquire how much is packed in the roll—happy shopping!

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