Be it banners, flags, designs on pottery, or rock carvings, the chevron pattern has been used since time immemorial. The earliest recorded use of the chevron pattern dates back to approximately 1800 BC, where pottery designs depicting the same way were recovered from the palace of Knossos on Crete, located in modern-day Greece.

Now that we have got our history lesson out of the way let us understand the chevron pattern in greater detail. Initially, what precisely is the chevron pattern? The chevron pattern starts from the chevron symbol, which is essentially an inverted V-shaped mark.

Chevron pattern wallpaper is a modern twist on the traditional broken twill weave look. This stylish zig-zag pattern has been seen on everything from textile to bags. The bold designs work well with a variety of different types of styles. Whether you desire a traditional or a more contemporary look, chevron pattern wallpaper will add an element of youthfulness to space. Zigzag-style wallpaper comes in various bright and muted, eye-catching colors. With different designer brands represented, the representation of chevron patterns at DecoratorsBest is expansive. You’ll find chevron with sharp angles—creating dramatic peaks—as well as reasonably comprehensive, shallow zig zags, which give a less edgy look.

For many years, a well-loved pattern has become more and more popular in recent months; Lovevsdesign chevron wallpaper showcases the best in zig-zag wallpaper design. It offers bright and playful designs for a variety of rooms in the house. With clean lines of various thicknesses, opt for a bold or frail chevron pattern wallpaper to perfectly complement your interior tastes and perfectly match your internal decor vision. With all the designs customizable to your decor color palette, our black & white, gray, gold, and teal zig-zag wallpapers are suitable for the playroom or nursery, kid’s bedroom, etc., the living room and kitchen when paired with sophisticated hues.

With different variations of colors, there are easy-to-peel chevron wallpapers by Lovevsdesign. Their designs are exquisite, that even you can explore happiness within it. These designs include

  • Brushed Chevron
  • Painterly Chevron
  • Mod Chevron
  • Trendy Zigzag Chevron

Standard practice is for more dramatic designs; you should use wallpaper as an accent versus applying it to the entire room. All the same, it should come down to your inclination and what type of style you are trying to achieve. If you decide on a sophisticated print for your wallpaper, then the most visible wall needs to be your centerpiece. These designs came with 200+ variations in dramatic hues.


It is impossible to get a more notable change in your house than by updating the wall color schemes with Chevron wallpapers, as your walls take up the most apparent space in any home. The great thing about stick and peel wallpaper is that it is quick and hassle-free to put up and will not leave any jumble. So within minutes, you will have a wall that is sure to turn heads.


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