Home security can be approached in various dimensions. Some of the most basic security measures you can take for your home include locking doors and windows. But burglars will always find a way into your house even with the most sophisticated doors and windows. Installing alarm systems alone won’t scare away intruders. If you intend to keep your home safe, then you will need to employ more than one tactic. Let’s explore some of the tactics that will help in securing your home.

Installing Exterior Motion Sensor Lights

Lighting up the entire compound is one of the easiest ways to keep intruders off your property. But it can be challenging to light up the entire compound without sending the electricity bills to the north. If so, then you should consider installing motion sensor lights to critical points around your house. These lights can be placed strategically at entrances, pathways and in blind spots such as around trees and bushes. When you shop for these lights, aim for the 120-volt exterior motion sensor lights that can light up the entire compound without running up the power bill.

Installing Secure Doors and Replacing Old and Malfunctioning Locks

Doors form the last line of defense for your home, and thus, they should be the strongest. How confident are you with state of your doors and windows? Are the locks secured? If you live in an older house, the chances are that your doors and windows are also old. If so, then consider installing more secure doors and windows for your house. The next thing should be to replace all the knob locks and installing a deadbolt for extra security.

Where Do You Hide Your Spare Keys?

If a thief walks into your home, they will walk straight to your doormat of flower pots to look for a spare key. So why would you hide a spare key in such a place? If you want to keep your home secure, then you have to be smart. If you have a spare key, you can consider giving it to a relative or a trustworthy neighbor. It is best practice not to keep your spare keys around your property at all.

Installing a Working Alarm System

If you want to add extra security to your home, consider hiring a Home Security Company Houstonresidents trust to install a security system to your property. Alarm systems offer 24-hour surveillance, so if there is a break-in, the security company will contact the authorities promptly. Most of the modern alarm systems offer security beyond break-ins and home invasions. They are equipped to detect carbon monoxide and even high and low temperatures inside your home.

Spare the Social Media When Going on a Vacation

The instant likes and comments on a social media post detailing your upcoming vacation maybe a self-esteem booster, but it may also be good news to burglars who already know that you are out of town. With the free social media, you may never know who is watching you. It would be wise to look for someone to house sit for you to ensure the safety of your house while you enjoy your vacation.

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