If you compare Vivint Ping Camera to other home security cameras, you will see the significant difference in its features. The majority of the home security cameras can communicate only the same way on how you use a two-way radio. But with Vivint, you can see the person by pressing a button on the camera itself to start a video call to a tablet or smartphone. The 1080P Ping can also record night and day what is happening once triggered, and communicate with other smart home devices. It is the perfect choice when it comes to home security, but you cannot buy it separately, you have to install the entire Vivint Smart Home System to experience the magic of 1080P Ping. Exciting features and design The Vivint security camera has a cylindrical shape with a white finish and has an adjustable tilt. It sits on top of a round base. It has a four-megapixel sensor and a 1550 field of view with three infrared LEDs for clearer night vision. The camera is connected to your devices via WPS or Wireless Protected Setup. You need to install the Vivint app on your gadgets before your camera can start communicating. It is also a must that you have Administrator rights to your smart home system to accept calls. The package includes a touch-screen panel where you can also access the videos via the web console. Thru the mobile app, you can view the live and recorded video, receive push notifications, create rules, answer a call from the camera, and adjust settings. Easy to install and always perform at its best Most of the time the Ping is installed by a professional when you order your Vivint system. However, if you want to do it by yourself, you can do so as it is easy to install. All you have to do is to follow the instructions included in the package carefully. You can always have vivid videos night and day and warns you once triggered. Final words The Vivint Ping Camera has a fantastic callout feature, and its overall performance makes it an excellent add on to the Vivint Smart Home security system. It provides vivid HD video with its vibrant colors, and the black and white night vision is well lit. All its features are merely magical thus the money you spent on it is worth it.

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