Air conditioning repairs may be required at the most unexpected moment. Problems in the work or total failure of air conditioners may occur as a result of natural wear or external factors (interruptions in electricity, etc.). Service of air conditioners in the face of a professional team carries out repair of air conditioners in Anthem with departure to the specified address. Anyone who needs service air conditioners in Anthem, can ask for help, counting on the quick response of the masters. After all, breakdown in the midst of summer or winter is an unpleasant phenomenon.

Repair of air conditioners in Anthem is carried out by a team that has experience in working with appliances of all known brands (Samsung, LG and others). To order an urgent repair of air conditioners, you need to make sure that the equipment is definitely out of order (often breakdowns occur even because of a blown extension).

To perform high-quality maintenance and repair, anthem ac experts use modern equipment and tools. You do not have to look for masters ladder and tools for work.

Service air conditioners in Anthem may be required in the following cases:

  • The manifestation of third-party odor from the indoor unit;
  • Increase the noise of the device;
  • Issuance on the display of equipment or console errors, lack of response;
  • Not the ability to turn on the equipment or activate one mode or another.

Repair of air conditioners in Anthem is carried out not only for standard split-systems, but also for duct, inverter, floor and cassette devices.

The list of works on repair and service

Before the restoration of the equipment, a comprehensive diagnosis of the outdoor and indoor units is performed. Additionally, the presence of freon is checked. Its filling is required every 1-2 years of use. Please note that the repair team works not only with breakdowns or defects in the work, but also with the need for service. Thus, you can order the work of specialists for cleaning the drainage system, charging freon, replacing or cleaning filters, charging with refrigerant.

Service of air conditioners in Anthem from our company includes the following list of possible works:

  • Repair of the electronic unit;
  • Repair of communication (possibly, in the process of operation the tubes were damaged);
  • Engine repair;
  • Condenser recovery;

Replacing fans and more

The price for the repair of air conditioners and service depends on the complexity of work, the cause of failure, working conditions (including the number of floors of the house, the power of the equipment itself). Please note that the cost of the work does not include the price of the damaged item, the replacement of which may be required for restoration.

How to protect the air conditioner from breakage

There are several practical tips on how to protect this type of climate technology from damage during operation:

Installation should be done only by experienced specialists who use modern tools in work (this is necessary, first of all, to eliminate the risk of freon leakage).

Choose models with a “margin” of power (if you install appliances in a bedroom with an area of ​​15 square meters, then it is reasonable to buy an air conditioner serviced by 15-20 square meters of space).

Order service once in 1-2 years

Mount the outdoor unit below the internal one.

Exclude direct sunlight and rain from the drain on the outer box.

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