Packing your belongings is the primary and most crucial step in moving. The process does not have to be tedious, especially if you have enough time. Moving is sometimes unpleasant and not fun, but it should have positive results. Therefore, avoiding common mistakes and packing your items well is crucial to make the process hassle-free. Here are packing tips for a stress-free move.

Choose the Right Box Sizes

It is advisable to get boxes in different sizes for packing bigger and smaller items. The rule of thumb is to avoid packing heavy items in large boxes. People make this common mistake when moving, making things more complicated for movers. Furthermore, large boxes with heavy items increase the risk of breakage. Use the larger boxes to pack things like pillows and linens.

Ask about Specialized Moving for Special Items

If you are moving unique and fragile items like artwork, you should know how to keep them safe. Hire Sorensen Moving to help move delicate things without damaging them. You should know how to pack the item for transit or put it in the safe hands of movers. Never wrap oil paintings in regular paper since it sticks. Use a masking tape across the glass to keep it together when packing pictures. You can then wrap the photos in bubble wrap or paper. Ensure there is a piece of cardboard between the frames for protection.

Fill Empty Space

Do not leave empty spaces in the boxes. It only increases the risk of damaging items during transit. So, use clothes, packing paper, or towels to fill the gaps. Your mover will insist on filling the space for balance.

Put Heavier Items at the Bottom of the Boxes

When packing, start with heavier items first, then lighter ones. It prevents damaging the more delicate items due to weight. Additionally, ensure you put the heavy boxes toward the front when loading to provide balance.

Don’t Mix Items from Different Rooms

The secret to staying organized is packing room by room. This will also make it easier to unpack once you arrive at your new abode. So, ensure you keep items belonging to one room in a specific box. It will make unpacking more straightforward and faster.

Label Boxes According to Room and Contents

Pack like a pro by labeling the boxes based on the room they belong in and their contents. This helps movers know where to take the boxes and how to handle them. It also helps ensure you have packed everything and have not left essential things behind.

Pack the TV for Moving

Some TVs are wrapped in quilted furniture pads and transported like regular furniture. However, plasma TVs require special wooden crates to ship if you don’t have their original boxes.

Use Tape to Secure Boxes

Use tape to secure your boxes, and use more at the bottom of the box. This technique ensures the box does not open at the bottom due to weight. In short, make a couple of rounds on the stress areas for safety.

In a Nutshell

These vital packing tips will help make moving more accessible and smooth. Know how to protect delicate items and always use the correct box size. Proper packing is critical to your organization and having a stress-free relocation.

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