Wireless security systems are also known as Wi-Fi Ip cameras is a device consisting of a wireless receiver and a transmitter antenna and allow any inter-closed circuit or IP security cameras to transmit a wireless signal using a 5.8 GHz signal up to miles. Such camera systems are commonly used where cable dredging is cost prohibitive and is not practical. The IP cameras are high performance digital wireless security camera transmission systems. They are designed specifically for long distance outdoors use with a good direct line of sight between the receiving and transmitting antenna.

Wi-Fi IP cameras come with a big scope of technologies and features, enabling high definition video recording, adjustment to changing levels throughout the day, and auto focus remotely. These features make the wifi camera more useful and powerful because it can be tuned as required to match and fit any surveillance demands. Here are some of the features you have to look for when searching for a Wi-Fi IP camera. Corridor Format Corridor format and vertical format is a technique of rotating to do any recording with a vertical orientation. This is such a great feature as it allows you to record more detailed and informed images. The entire camera view is normally focused on the space or room before it. The cameras with this feature are mainly used in staircases and hallways. Remote Monitoring Everything is going digital, so are the cameras. The remote focus is an app in camera software that enables you to focus and concentrate the camera lens without physically or manually tuning the camera in person. Some software will zoom in the camera when you hold down the software’s focus button. Such advanced feature to make the camera have the ability to remotely focus the camera without manually being present makes it easier and quicker to focus the camera for more detailed and clear videos. Weather Adaptability and Resistance Not many cameras are superior in taking care of dust storm or rain. If you are specifically looking for an internet protocol camera for any outdoor purposes, then search and choose a camera with these great features. The ability of these cameras to take video in any weather condition makes them more reliable. Frame per Second A frame rate is normally expressed as fps. Frame rate per second is the number of images that the camera can take per second. The quality of images, video and your network bandwidth always influence what frame rate will always work best for you. 40 fps is normally the standard rate for the television since it results in smooth people and object movement between frames. 40 fps means that the camera captured 40 images in a single second of video. The higher the number of pictures, the smoother the video will be.

Pan, Zoom, Tilt Camera This is simply a camera with the pan, tilt and zoom features. The movements can be manually controlled by making use of any monitoring software or automatically set up by use of any camera management software. Being in the position to move the camera by a security guard always enables the security staff to respond fast to any acts spotted in the monitoring system. There is no doubt that Wi-Fi IP camera is the best you can get in the market industry. The major feature of these cameras is that it is completely wireless.

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