A broken garage door opener can be a welcome mat for thieves and those wishing to do you harm. Many people think that if their garage door isn’t working properly it only means that a little bit of inconvenience is going to be had until they fix it. It is going to mean that until you fix the door there is a potential that people can get into your house a lot easier than if it was working. The situation arises because of the way people get used to doing things, assuming that because you cannot put a garage door up without the remote control if it is working properly that it counts as locked. Many people use their garage as the entrance to their home, and as a result they do not carry keys with them, choosing instead to leave the interior door unlocked. This will become habit, and then the day comes when the garage door eventually breaks and needs repair. You still have all of your daily responsibilities like work and errands, so you choose instead to put off the repair until you can get some time in your schedule. Pulling the release chain on the opener will release the door and allow you to open and close it manually, but because there is generally no lock installed on a garage door that has an automatic opener, you have now left your house completely unlocked while you are out. Anyone who has been watching your house and sees you opening the door manually realizes that they can now get into your garage easily, putting the door down behind them. Once they are out of the view of anyone on the street, they can easily enter your house through the unlocked door. If you have taken the time to actually lock the interior door, they still have plenty of time to break the lock while nobody can see them. Even more unfortunate is that you have now provided them with a place to put all of the things they want to steal from you, easily driving a car up to the garage when they are done and escaping quickly. The safety hazards of a broken door might not be obvious at first, but once you consider that theives are always looking for the easiest house to enter you realize that your garage is the most obvious place for them to exploit. If your garage door is broken, you are at even greater risk because they can operate in a concealed place. Do not be a victim, if your garage door opener is broken get it fixed immediately.

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