Tv plays a very important role in the household. Whether you are using it for entertaining guests, or for watching your favourite show. Tv is the staple piece of entertainment in any home. Suppose you have bought a new TV and wants to do the TV mounting on the same day. You are eagerly waiting to watch your favourite show but you haven’t mounted your Tv on the wall. You must be unaware of the professional TV mounting. Secondly, a professional who will come to mount your TV will charge a high installation cost.

Here,s an ultimate guide to same-day TV mounting.

Choose the right place to mount your TV

It is very important to access which area of the house would be the best to mount your TV and on which height your TV will look nice. Secondly, which surface would look best behind your Tv. If the furniture in the TV lounge is centred, your main focus should be everyone’,s accessibility. So, adjust your TV mounting placement according to the space available.

Same Day TV mounting On Drywall

The most appropriate option for TV mounting is on the drywall. The main reason behind this is that the drywalls are not that thick or rigid. It will give a visual appeal and a clear verdict to the viewers. After deciding the place and wall. Now all you have to do is find the studs in the wall, then make whole in the wall with a powerful drilling machine. After poking the nails in the holes set the TV frame and Mount your TV on the wall.

Prefer Mount which Hides the wires

A TV with hidden wires will look polished and very serene. It’s very challenging to hide your wires behind the TV. It’s not that easy to as it seems. As you have planned all the things now buy a TV mount which will have a wire cord with it. The mount in which you can hide the wires of your TV.


Always consider buying those mounts which are fixed, tilt and comes in full motion. Mount with these qualities will best suit your requirements.

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