Your furry best friends don’t intentionally try to ruin your carpeting, they just simply don’t know any better. While you may put them through the paces of potty training so they learn to do their business outside or in a litter box, mistakes can still occur from time to time.

But it’s not just urine or fecal matter that you need to worry about either. Cats are prone to hairballs that you may find heaved up on the carpet and dogs don’t think about wiping off their feet before they step back inside from taking a walk.

Your pets love you, even if they may not seem to love your carpet. It’s up to you to take the necessary precautions for keeping your carpet from getting ruined. The responsibility is yours and yours alone so let’s talk about the various actions you can take to preserve the look, feel, and smell of your carpet

Mind the Paws

Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors should have their paws wiped off before they come back in the house. Those little feet can make a big mess if you’re not careful. So keep some mild wipes or a dry cloth towel handy and clean their paws as they step inside.

This is probably more apt for dogs, though even cats who live and play outdoors for any period of time should have their feet cleaned off so they don’t track anything across the carpet. Cats who live indoors may need to have their paws checked after using the litter box .

Area Rugs and Runners

Another way to preserve your carpeting is by adding a top layer of protection with an area rug or carpet runner. That’s not to suggest you should cover the entire surface in these items but placing them in central areas where pets are more likely to hang out (and possibly do their business by accident) can make cleaning the mess much easier.

Simply throw the soiled rug or runner into a washing machine and put it back again after it’s been properly cleaned.

Act Fast

If your pet does have an accident on the carpet or spills something of any kind, you need to move quickly to clean it up. Time is not on your side when a mess has been made on your carpet surface because the longer a liquid or substance is left to sit there, the more likely it will be absorbed into the fibers and the backing material.

When that occurs, stains can set in and they can be very tough to lift back out. This is particularly important where urine is concerned because if that scent remains in the carpet, your pet will smell it and that will act as a signal for them to do their business in that same area again and again.

So tend to all spills and accidents fast to prevent them from setting for the long term. A professional carpet cleaning can be your best bet to eradicate stains and aromas from a carpet. For those pet owners who may have allowed a spill or accident to permeate their floor covering, look up a good company for carpet cleaning olympia and get a quote.

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